Moods and Types of Tea

There is a mood for everything. Not just the beverage but the type and flavour of it as well. Nothing everything goes. Especially when it comes to a nice hot cup of tea or coffee to soothe your tension away. While it is a fact that all the tea of the world comes from the same plant - the Camellia Sinensis - there are many types and flavours of tea that are produced as the end product. Each has their own distinct aroma, flavour and taste. The final products manufactured are very different from the raw material. The process might be the same but the ingredients vary.

White Tea

The flavour and the taste of the tea are seen and felt more when it is oxidised less. The tea is usually a deep dark or reddish brown in colour when it is highly oxidised. A white tea, gently oxidised, has a slightly more delicate aroma and flavour. They are fresh and contain earthy elements. A very floral aroma is experienced.


Contains higher levels of antioxidants
Boosts cardiovascular health
Helps lower cholesterol
Reduces the risk of cancer

Green tea

The main green colour is maintained because this tea is unoxidized. Green tea is stored in cool temperatures and given to the customer without much processing. When soaked with hot water and consumed with a dash of honey, it is believed to have exceptional health benefits including weight loss. Green tea is one of our most sold products because of these very health benefits.


Contains bioactive compounds that improve health radically.

Can improve brain functions and make you smart.

Improves metabolism rate and the fat burning capacity

Enhances physical performance

Black Tea

A well-known product in the west, the black tea is made up of fully oxidized tea leaves. Originated in China, it is found worldwide today because of increasing demands. Any type of tea can be turned into black tea. It is the processing that makes the difference.


Beneficial to health by reducing cholesterol, diarrhea and tooth decay issues.
Handles digestive problems
Improves blood circulation
Keeps blood pressure under control
Helps those who have asthma
Lowers ovarian cancer risk.
Lowers diabetes.
It boosts immunity.
It helps with the health of the bones.

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