Company Culture

Our company culture is something that we are all very proud of. Our culture states that the right product reaches the right person. We believe that we are defined by the way we produce our tea and tea culture is the way it is consumed. Our tea production, along with our company history, ethics, health and tea arts and ceremony are all something that makes us who we are. We are identified by the very same thing that we have been following for over three generations today.

We ensure that the right flavours along with the associated benefits are made very clear to the consumers. When you come to us, you have a specific need or requirement that you want to fulfill. We pride on having the right tea and coffee that would make you happy. We believe that the kind of tea you would choose has a lot to do with your personality. The choices that you make will define you. If you are someone who would like some calm and soothing time, a chamomile tea is what you would consider as your therapeutic beverage. For another person who likes to be active or adventurous, a chocolate flavoured tea would do the trick very well.

There are many drinks that are made on the go. A cup of tea is more than just that drink. It is bound to stay with you for a few hours and it is very important that it is made not just to perfection but to suit your needs. It is our culture that we find out what exactly would make your day and we take it upon us to brew the product precisely. Our long-standing customers are still with us because we have taken the time to get to know them inside out. Give us a call and we will tell you what your drink is.