Moods and Types of Tea

These tea leaves undergo partial to little oxidization. With a dash of caffeine content added to it, it has its own specific flavours and tastes to it. A hint of the freshness of fruits can be seen in this tea.


Reduces risk of heart diseases

Helps fighting obesity

It helps in promoting weight loss

It can lower the risk of cancer

Helps in preventing diabetes

Prevents bone loss

Multiple benefits for hair, skin and overall health

Next Dark Tea

This is a tea that comes from the deep territories of China and contains a high flavoured probiotic tea that is incredibly smooth and is naturally sweet.


Promotes a healthy microbiome which is very good for the gut

It helps keep the cells in good condition

It lowers the risk of various coronary heart diseases

Helps in reducing the chances of cancer

Relieves an upset stomach

Reduces the oral bacteria that cause various issue such as bad breath

While the different types of tea will require a specific taste to it, the fact that there are numerous health benefits to them cannot be ignored. It is not just the health of the body but the skin, and hair also that tend to benefit from consuming tea. The most immediate and effective benefit of consuming tea is in the lightening and brightening of the mood. Having a cup of tea reduces the stress that has become part of all lives. The necessity to distress has become more vital than ever. A hot cup of tea at the right moment can reduce the stress hormones, and relax the nerves.